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 “PJ”Was built by Reims Aviation at Prunay in France in 1973. Type designation is an FRA150L Aerobat. Stressed to +6 -3G. She has a Rolls Royce 0-240A Engine rated at 130hp. So is well suited to aero’s although never really used in that role. Her main use has been taking part in Rallys, precision flying competitions and touring. The extra power makes for excellent take off performance where you might struggle in a standard 150.

She was first put on the British register in May 1973 after being purchased by the Cinque Ports Flying Club then based at the now extinct Lympe Airport.

The Cinque Ports FC moved to Lydd in 1974. “PJ” was purchased by its present owner November 1976 as the first aircraft of the newly formed Thanet Flying Club at RAF Manston. The club and its business was sold in 1981 but “PJ” was retained by its owner.

“PJ” is still based at Manston She is still in her original paintwork and has flown some 3000 hours total. See INFORMATION for sale details.